Nazryana was relentless in her sadistic desires, pushing QS to the brink of madness. First, she forced QS to lick her high heels and toes until she was satisfied. But that wasn't enough for Nazryana. She wanted more. So she made QS lick her pussy until she was exhausted. QS was delightfully aroused when Nazryana commanded her to taste the sweet nectar of her feet and toes. She eagerly lapped up every drop of flavorful sweat and saltiness, savoring each moment as if it were her last.

As Nazryana grew tired of this game, she decided to take things one step further and push QS onto the floor, forcing her face towards her moistened folds. The sensations were unlike anything QS had ever experienced; the warmth, the wetness, the smell - all combined together to create a euphoria like no other.

As QS began to lose control, Nazryana announced her intentions to defecate directly into her mouth. QS hesitated at first, unsure whether or not she could handle such a daunting task. But soon enough, she found herself lying flat on the ground, waiting patiently for Nazryana to release her waste.

As her shit flowed freely out of her body, she continued to pee, which ran down QS's throat and mixed with the foul-smelling waste. QS struggled to breathe through the stench, but eventually managed to keep her airway clear enough to avoid suffocating. This was what true love looked like, she thought to herself.

Afterwards, Nazryana tenderly caressed the shit pile from QS's mouth and held it up in front of her face, taking in its earthy smell and feeling the warmth radiating from it. With one hand, she gently placed it onto QS's chest, letting it sit there like a precious gift.

Then, she leaned forward and began to scoop small mouthful chunks with her mouth, chewing them slowly and deliberately. The taste was exquisite - rich and complex, with notes of sweetness and bitterness mixed together in perfect harmony. With her other hand, she reached behind her back and pulled out a glass filled with liquid diarrhea. It sparkled in the light, reflecting the beauty of the moment. She brought the glass to her lips and sipped, savoring the flavors of the shit and the liquid pee melding together in her mouth. Each sip made her feel closer to QS, as if they were sharing something intimate and sacred between them. Then she closed her eyes in pure bliss as she spat the drooly filth into QS's wide open mouth.

The Nazryana positioned herself over QS's mouth again, she reached for a vibrator, slipping it between her legs as she pushed more shit from the very depths of her bowels. She writhed with pleasure as she shat, her body trembling with each wave of orgasmic bliss. Finally, after two intense climaxes, she collapsed beside QS, showering her face with kisses and licking the shit from her cheeks before spitting it back into her mouth as a final act of intimacy and release.

QS knew that she had finally found her soulmate. A person willing to go beyond the limits of human decency just to satisfy her desires. Someone who truly understood what it meant to be alive...

/This session was my scat fantasy for a long time that finally came true. Unfortunately I only had a ruined orgasm around half time in the movie as I self restrained myself not to have an orgasm before the very end of the session, but I failed - QS/

100% real shit as usual, not fake and not mixed with anything (when we use additives we always state it in the description but we never use fake shit on this site)
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