This is our first direct lesbian shitting in mouth scat experience with Nazryana. For starters, I have to clarify that since it's not always trivial to shit on demand, we had to use some liquor filled bonbons as a catalyst to induce bowel movements, so what you see in the movie is not fake shit but a mixture of diarrhea, shit, bonbons and liquor. The strong gag reflexes will surely prove it for you, lol :)
QS hasn't shaved her pussyhair for several months. She sits in a long dildo put on a transparent chair while pushing out a boozy chocolate induced shit/diarrhea mix, which she spreads into her hairy pussy. After that she dips the dildo in the shit and pushes it up into her vagina, repeating the dipping several times. Then she stuffs the remaining shit up into her vagina and finally she pushes it out.
QS masturbates on the balcony, shits on a smoking table then sits on top of the scat pile with her slightly open pussy while wanking. Later she smashes her cunt onto the shitpile on the table repeatedly. In the second part of the clip she wears a nude colored pantyhose while laying on the terrace couch. She tears open the vaginal part of the pantyhose and smears the shit into her spread open vagina while wanking.
QS shits in the bathtub, spreads it over her pussy, 4 finger fucks the shit into her vagina, then spreads it open to see the shitty insides.
QS shits while laying on her side, then grabs and licks it all over, puts into her mouth, sucks it like it was a dick, then smears it all over her body. Then she dresses up into a pantyhose and a white dress. Finally she cuts a hole on the pantyhose and wanks until she comes.
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