QS shits in the bathtub, spreads it over her pussy, 4 finger fucks the shit into her vagina, then spreads it open to see the shitty insides.
QS shits while laying on her side, then grabs and licks it all over, puts into her mouth, sucks it like it was a dick, then smears it all over her body. Then she dresses up into a pantyhose and a white dress. Finally she cuts a hole on the pantyhose and wanks until she comes.
QS is laying on a massage bed waiting for Azzurra to massage her. Instead she climbs onto the bed over QS, and after some body rubbing she shits on her pussy. She continues with the body massage and spreads her shit all over QS's body, then herself as well. Later they both grab scat pieces and start rubbing the shit over their vaginas while masturbating. Then they use their feet to spread the shit on each other's oily body even more.
Nazryana and Azzurra are having a lesbian sex while smearing Nazryana's shit on each others oiled body. Lots of scissoring and scat massage by feet.
QS had some gummy snake candies earlier in her ass for some time for unknown reasons. When she realized she couldn't hold them inside any more she positioned herself over Azzurra's spread vagina and pushed the shitty slimy diarrhea on Azzurra's pussy and belly. After she spread the shit over Azzurra's body with her feet while the latter masturbated with a vibrator. Then QS body massaged Azzurra and sit on her face making her to lick her now-shitty pussy until they both came.
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